2016 based household projections

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Household projections show the number of households there would be in England in the future if a set of assumptions about the size and structure of the population and that population’s patterns of household formation were realised in practice.

The projections generally do not take into account any policy changes that have not yet occurred, nor those that have not yet had an impact on observed trends. 

These projections published on 20 September 2018 are based on the  2016-based subnational population projections , revised population estimates for England and Wales: mid-2012 to mid-2016 and Census data.

These data are based on administrative geographic boundaries in place on the reference date of 30 June 2016.

Because of rounding, figures may not sum. 

A household is defined as one person living alone or a group of people (not necessarily related) living at the same address who share cooking facilities and share a living room or sitting room or dining area. This includes sheltered accommodation units in an establishment where 50% or more have their own kitchens (irrespective of whether there are other communal facilities) and all people living in caravans on any type of site that is their usual residence; this will include anyone who has no other usual residence elsewhere in the UK.