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Created 2 years ago, updated 7 months ago

The Claimant Count measures the number of people claiming benefit principally for the reason of being unemployed.

Universal Credit was phased in across the country from May 2013 and introduced in Surrey in February 2016. This dataset includes all Universal Credit claimants who are required to seek work and be available for work, as well as all Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) claimants

The Claimant Count includes people who claim unemployment-related benefits but who do not receive payment. For example, some claimants will have had their benefits stopped for a limited period of time by Jobcentre Plus. Some people claim JSA in order to receive National Insurance Credits.

In February 2019, DWP revised the UC element of the Claimant Count estimates from January 2016 onwards, due to changes in the methodology used for identifying appropriate cases for inclusion. These changes have been incorporated into this dataset

Rates for local authorities are calculated using mid year estimates of the resident population.

Figures rounded to the nearest 5.

Totals exclude non-computerised clerical claims (approx. 1%)

These figures are not seasonally adjusted.

The claimant count is an indicator of unemployment available down to ward level. Official unemployment data (down to local authority level) is available from the Annual Population Survey dataset

From 01/01/2016
To 01/10/2019

Number of people out of work claiming jobseekers allowance or universal credit as a percentage the population aged 16-64.

These figures are not seasonally adjusted

Claimant count by gender, Jan 2010 to March 2018