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Data is for moves in the year to June 30


Internal migration is defined as residential moves between different local authorities (LAs) in the UK, including those that cross the boundaries between the four UK nations: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, only moves affecting LAs in England and Wales are included; moves that occur solely within Scotland and/or Northern Ireland are excluded. The statistics also exclude any moves within a single LA and any international moves either into or out of the UK. The local authority and age/sex tables use this definition. 

Data sources:

The quality of administrative data used in the production of internal migration estimates may change over time. These changes are outside the control of ONS. 

More information on methods and quality can be found on the internal migration methodology web page. 


Defined as age as at 30 June, so in many cases will be one year older than age at actual move.

Aggregating figures: LA to LA net moves may also be added together to form totals for other geographies, such as counties. However, inflows and outflows for groups of LAs should not be added together, as the totals will include moves between those LAs.

Rounding: Values in tables are rounded to the nearest 10. This may mean that totals do not sum exactly.

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Frequency: Calendar Year

Inflow   (8.46 kB)
From 30/06/2012
To 30/06/2018
Outflow   (8.43 kB)
From 30/06/2012
To 30/06/2018
Net flow   (8.57 kB)
From 30/06/2012
To 30/06/2018