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  • To help reduce mortality in infancy.

Definition of indicator and its variants:

  • Deaths of infants at various ages under one year.

  • Statistic
  • Sex
  • Age group
  • Organisation
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  • Current data
  • Trend data
  • File-worksheet name
  • Number of infant deaths and infant mortality rate per 1000 live birthsP
  • <1 year, <28 days, <7 daysE&W, E, GOR, ONS area, SHA, LA, PCO, CTY2009-2011


  • Numerator data - Number of deaths of infants at various ages (<1 year, <28 days, <7 days), for all maternal ages and for maternal ages under 20 years and 20 years and over, registered in the respective calendar years(s).

  • Source of numerator data - Office for National Statistics (ONS).

  • Comments on numerator data - Data on infant deaths by maternal age were extracted from "linked files", where death records are linked to corresponding birth records. A small proportion of records were not linked successfully (e.g. the child may have been born in another country), hence totals may vary from published figures slightly.


  • Denominator data - Live births occurring in the respective calendar year(s) for respective maternal ages.

  • Source of denominator data - ONS.

  • Comments on denominator data - None.

Interpretation of indicators:

  • Quality of indicator - Annex 12 describes the criteria that should be used to judge the quality of this indicator. The application of the criteria is dependent on the context (e.g. describing a single organisation, comparing several organisations) and the level (e.g. national / regional with large numbers of events, local with small numbers of events) at which the data are to be used.

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