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Contains data for age groups 0-15, 16-64 and 65+ by sex for England, South East, Surrey, Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups in Surrey.

Estimates for mid-2012 to mid-2016 have been revised. Methodological improvements have been implemented allowing the creation of a new series of estimates that roll forward the 2011 Census. These revised figures include new estimates of local authority international emigration and foreign armed forces dependants.

Notes and Definitions

1. These unrounded estimates are published to enable and encourage further calculations and analysis. However, the estimates should not be taken to be accurate to the level of detail provided.

2. The estimates are produced using a variety of data sources and statistical models, including some statistical disclosure control methods, and small estimates should not be taken to refer to particular individuals.

3. The estimated resident population of an area includes all those people who usually live there, regardless of nationality. Arriving international migrants are included in the usually resident population if they remain in the UK for at least a year. Emigrants are excluded if they remain outside the UK for at least a year. This is consistent with the United Nations definition of a

long-term migrant. Armed forces stationed outside of the UK are excluded. Students are taken to be usually resident at their term time address.

4. At a subnational level, the population estimates reflect boundaries in place as of the reference year.

Estimate is the population as at June 30 (mid year)

Unrounded figures should be rounded to at least the nearest 100 in any publication

From 30/06/2009
To 30/06/2018