This page includes the Surrey-specific data from the national 2021 Census release which has been prepared by the SCC Population Insight team. A summary of the central heating data for Surrey residents has been be produced by the team.

Central heating is a heating system used to heat multiple rooms in a building by circulating air or heated water through pipes to radiators or vents. Single or multiple fuel sources can fuel these systems.

Central heating systems that are unused or not working are still considered. No information is available for household spaces with no usual residents.


Office for National Statistics: Housing, England and Wales: Census 2021

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No central heating,

Mains gas only,

Tank or bottled gas only,

Electric only,

Oil only,

Wood only,

Solid fuel only,

Renewable energy only,

District or communal heat networks only,

Other central heating only,

Two or more types of central heating (not including renewable energy),

Two or more types of central heating (including renewable energy).