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Economic indicator
  • Updated 10 days ago

    Claimant count by age group

    Office for National Statistics
    The Claimant Count measures the number of people claiming benefit principally for the reason of being unemployed. Universal Credit was phased in across the country from May 2013 and introduced in Surrey in February 2016.  Please note that this introduces discontinuity in the data for England as this dataset only includes Universal Credit claimants since January 2015: From April 2015, this dataset includes all Universal Credit claimants...
  • Updated 24 days ago

    Annual survey of hours and earnings

    Office for National Statistics
    ASHE is based on a sample of employee jobs taken from HM Revenue & Customs PAYE records. Information on earnings and hours is obtained in confidence from employers. ASHE does not cover the self-employed nor does it cover employees not paid during the reference period. The headline statistics for ASHE are based on the median rather than the mean. The median is the value below which 50 per cent of employees fall. It is ONS's preferred mea...
  • Updated a month ago

    Annual Population Survey - economic activity and occupation

    Office for National Statistics
    Selected data from the Annual Population Survey, a rolling survey carried out by Office for National Statistics and published quarterly. Data includes economic activity and occupation. Qualifictions data is included in this survey, but only published annually. Please see the Annual Population Survey - qualifications dataset for this information. Data is for Surrey residents. Frequency: Quarterly Rolling Year
  • Updated a month ago

    Number of businesses in Surrey

    Office for National Statistics
    DATA SOURCES The data contained in these tables are produced from a snapshot of the Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR) taken in March each year. The main administrative sources for the IDBR are VAT trader and PAYE employer information passed to the ONS by HM Revenue & Customs under the Value Added Tax Act 1994 for VAT traders and the Finance Act 1969 for PAYE employers; details of incorporated businesses are also passed to ONS ...
  • Created 6 months ago

    Economic Indicators for Surrey

    Surrey County Council
    Dashboard developed by Surrey County Council’s Insight, Analytics and Intelligence team in conjunction with Surrey Economic Development Officers group  It is designed to allow comparison of selected economic indicators for an individual borough or district with county, regional and national figures.
  • Updated 7 months ago

    Annual Population Survey - qualifications

    Office for National Statistics
    Selected qualifications data from the Annual Population Survey, a rolling survey carried out by Office for National Statistics and published quarterly. Qualifictions data is only published annually. Data is for Surrey residents. Frequency: Calendar Year
  • Updated 10 months ago

    Jobs density

    Office for National Statistics
    Total jobs is a workplace-based measure of jobs and comprises: employees (from the Business Register and Employment Survey), self-employment jobs (from the Annual Population Survey), government-supported trainees (from DfES and DWP) and HM Forces (from MoD). The number of jobs in an area is composed of jobs done by residents (of any age) and jobs done by workers (of any age) who commute into the area. Jobs density is the numbers of j...