People with learning disabilities and/or autism

People with learning disabilities and/or autism

Update 2023: JSNA refresh

The emergence of COVID-19 saw all parts of the Surrey system placed under unprecedented levels of pressure. Like many areas of work, the JSNA programme was paused during this time to support the collective effort to respond to the pandemic.

The JSNA is now undergoing a refresh to update the chapters and ensure it continues to reflect the current and emerging health and social needs in Surrey.

After a discussion with stakeholders, a decision has been made to split this chapter into two. The People with Learning Disabilities chapter is currently being developed and will be published in the coming months. The Autism chapter is pending an update. For more information, please email [email protected].

For reference only, please see below a link to the previous (outdated) JSNA chapter on this topic.

People with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism JSNA | Tableau Public