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    The Health and Wellbeing of Older People in Surrey: Annual Public Health Report 2018

    Surrey County Council
    The Health and Wellbeing of Older People in Surrey: Annual Public Health Report 2018 The Director of Public Health’s annual independent report for 2018 focuses on the health and wellbeing of older people in Surrey. The report illustrates the great contribution that older people make to our county and celebrates that people are living longer than ever. It highlights some of the health issues particularly associated with getting olde...
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    The Independent Annual Report of the Director of Public Health - Surrey County Council, 2015-16

    Surrey County Council
    The independent report on the Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People in Surrey concentrates on the factors that contribute to inequalities in outcome starting before birth through to young people. The report illustrates that while the majority of Surrey's Children and Young People experience good health, achieve a high level of educational attainment and experience positive relationships, for some the opposite is true and can...
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    Public health annual report 2013-14

    Surrey County Council
    The focus of this year’s report is prevention. We have decided to publish the APHR with a focus on the greatest behavioural risk factors for ill health and early death – smoking, lack of physical activity, poor diet and alcohol misuse. We have also taken a focus on the wider prevention agenda, including air quality, unintentional injuries and seasonal health. Prevention is a key priority of the Surrey Health and Wellbeing Board.