Advanced Applied Analytics: Visualising patterns of need and care

Developing a strong analytic community of practice will help Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership make best use of data held in different parts of the system, generating better intelligence to inform decision making and drive population health management.

System partners recognised the need to develop analyst skills and working relationships alongside new intelligence resources such as a linked data platform. For this purpose we created a community of practice where analysts are trained and work together to answer key questions posed by Partnership work streams.

We used the innovative approach of a Hackathon as a focus of this project. The Hackathon is an intensive day where analysts co-create new data visualisations together with the decision makers who will be using them.

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The Cardiovascular Disease hackathon focussed on CVD Prevention and the data visualisation produced answered questions about 3 themes:
• Understanding local patterns of need
• Atrial Fibrillation/Hypertension
• NHS Health Checks

The Primary Care Networks Hackathon looked at the new place-focused models of care and the data visualisations produced answered questions about 4 themes:
• PCN population and health needs
• Carers
• Emergency Admissions from Care Homes
• Mental Health

The Children’s Health & Wellbeing Hackathon focussed on 6 themes:
• Developmental Delay
• Childhood Obesity
• Immunisation
• Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health
• Children’s respiratory conditions
• General paediatrics 17 and under

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