JSNA Dashboards

JSNA Dashboards

Below is a list of the Tableau dashboards that can be found within the JSNA chapters. The list shows which chapters the dashboards relate to and they can also be accessed directly via the links below. Please contact jsnafeedback@surreycc.gov.uk with any questions or comments.

Surrey Context

JSNA_Surrey_population_published | Tableau Public

JSNA_Surrey_Place_published | Tableau Public

Priority populations of identity in Surrey | Tableau Public

JSNA_Long_term_conditions | Tableau Public

JSNA_Older People and People in Care Homes | Tableau Public

JSNA_Carers | Tableau Public

JSNA_Homelessness | Tableau Public

Domestic_abuse | Tableau Public


JSNA Screening | Tableau Public

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing in Surrey Adults

JSNA_Mental_Health_Published | Tableau Public


Housing JSNA dashboard | Tableau Public