Key Neighbourhoods

The 21 Health and Well-Being Key Neighbourhoods in Surrey

Surrey’s Health and Well-being Strategy was refreshed in 2022 to include a particular focus on certain geographic areas of the county which experience the poorest health outcomes in Surrey. These areas were selected on the basis of the Overall deprivation score established in the English deprivation indices 2019.

The “Key Neighbourhoods” for especial prioritisation are the wards which included the most deprived “pockets” within the county. These small areas are called Lower Super Output Areas (‘LSOAs’).

Given that the most sharply focused areas of need are these LSOAs, this page provides insight summaries of each small area. There are two forms of report included: (1) an ‘easy read’ infographic one page summary of key information, and (2) a much longer and more comprehensive insight report. Each report can be accessed from the hyperlink in the table below.

The infographic pages can also be viewed online in the screen beneath. At the bottom of this page is a mapping tool which highlights the locations of the Key LSOAs across Surrey.

A dashboard has been created to be able to compare the data in the infographics within these 21 Key Neighbourhoods. This dashboard is available as a:

Preview of the dashboard

The LSOAs in priority order:

LSOA name (ranked by IMD score) IMD Decile Easy read insight Detailed Insight Report Key Neighbourhood (Electoral ward) District / Borough Health Area
1. Reigate and Banstead 008A 2 Infographics Insight Hooley, Merstham and Netherne Reigate and Banstead East Surrey (SH)
2. Woking 004F 2 Infographics Insight Canalside Woking NW Surrey (SH)
3. Guildford 012D 2 Infographics Insight Westborough Guildford Guildford and Waverley (SH)
4. Guildford 007C 2 Infographics Insight Stoke Guildford Guildford and Waverley (SH)
5. Spelthorne 001B 3 Infographics Insight Stanwell North Spelthorne NW Surrey (SH)
6. Mole Valley 011D 3 Infographics Insight Holmwoods Mole Valley Surrey Downs (SH)
7. Reigate and Banstead 005A 3 Infographics Insight Tattenham Corner & Preston Reigate and Banstead Surrey Downs (SH)
8. Epsom and Ewell 007A 3 Infographics Insight Court Epsom and Ewell Surrey Downs (SH)
9. Spelthorne 002C 3 Infographics Insight Ashford North and Stanwell South Spelthorne NW Surrey (SH)
10. Woking 005B 3 Infographics Insight Goldsworth Park Woking NW Surrey (SH)
11. Runnymede 002F 3 Infographics Insight Englefield Green West Runnymede Windsor & Maidenhead (Frimley)
12. Elmbridge 004B 3 Infographics Insight Walton South Elmbridge NW Surrey (SH)
13. Reigate and Banstead 018D 3 Infographics Insight Horley Central and South Reigate and Banstead East Surrey (SH)
14. Waverley 002E 3 Infographics Insight Farnham Upper Hale Waverley NE Hampshire & Farnham (Frimley)
14a. Spelthorne 001C 3 Infographics Insight Stanwell North Spelthorne NW Surrey (SH)
15. Waverley 010A 3 Infographics Insight Godalming Central and Ockford Waverley Guildford & Waverley (SH)
16. Runnymede 006D 3 Infographics Insight Chertsey St Anns Runnymede NW Surrey (SH)
17. Reigate & Banstead 010E 3 Infographics Insight Redhill West and Wray Common Reigate and Banstead East Surrey (SH)
18. Guildford 010C 3 Infographics Insight Ash Wharf Guildford Surrey Heath (Frimley)
19. Elmbridge 008A 4* Infographics Insight Walton North Elmbridge NW Surrey (SH)
20. Elmbridge 017D 4** Infographics Insight Cobham and Downside Elmbridge Surrey Downs (SH)
21. Surrey Heath 004C 4** Infographics Insight Old Dean Surrey Heath Surrey Heath (Frimley)
* Overall IMD decile 4 and in decile 1 (highest 10% nationally) for IMD supplementary index on Income Deprivation Affecting Children.
** Overall IMD decile 4 and in decile 1 (highest 10% nationally) for IMD domain Education, Skills and Training.

We have produced this interactive resource to help you to easily visualise the 21 Health and Well-being Key Neighbourhoods that have been identified for Surrey. You can zoom into this graph to see which roads/areas are included in these areas. A link to the Tableau website for the resource which is embedded below is also available.