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This dataset presents data on birth registrations in the United Kingdom by area of usual residence of mother. The tables contain summary data for live births for local authorities including figures by age of mother.


Live Birth: A baby showing signs of life at birth.

Area of Usual Residence: The area within which the mother usually lives.

Population estimates

The population estimates used for the calculation of fertility rates are the latest consistent estimates available at the time of publication.

Figures may not add precisely due to rounding or suppression.

From 01/01/2010
To 31/12/2018


Fertility rates have been calculated using the most up-to-date consistent mid-year estimates of the female population. The rates used are described below

1 Crude birth rate: The number of live births per 1,000 population (all ages)

2 The General Fertility Rate (GFR): The number of live births per 1,000 women aged 15-44.

3 The Total Fertility Rate (TFR): The average number of live children that a group of women would bear if they experienced the age-specific fertility rates of the calendar year in question throughout their childbearing lifespan.

From 01/01/2010
To 31/12/2017
The rates for women of all ages‚ under 18‚ under 20 and 45 and over have been calculated using the female population aged 15-44‚ 15-17‚ 15-19 and 45-49 respectively
From 01/01/2013
To 31/12/2018