This page includes a dashboard of fuel poverty and consumption in Surrey as well as other associated datasets which may be relevant to fuel poverty.

The below Tableau dashboard is also available on Tableau Public.

The latest data included is:

Fuel Poverty - 2021 data (Released in April 2023).

Average Gas/Electric Energy consumption - 2021 data (Released in January 2023).

Energy Performance Certificate - September 2023 data (Released in October 2023).

Electric prepayment meters 2017 data (Released April 2019).

Fuel poverty affects households that need to spend a high proportion of their income to maintain a reasonable temperature. This is affected by 3 key factors:

  • Household's income
  • Fuel costs
  • Energy consumption (impacted by the energy efficiency of the dwelling)

The sources used in the dashboard below are:

Fuel Poverty: Fuel poverty statistics - GOV.UK (

Gas consumption: Sub-national gas consumption data - GOV.UK (

Electricity consumption: Sub-national electricity consumption data - GOV.UK (

Electric prepayment meters: Electric prepayment meter statistics - GOV.UK (

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs): Energy Performance of Buildings Data England and Wales (

The dashboard below delves further into Fuel poverty and consumption for both Local Authorities and Lower-layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs) within.

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Fuel poverty and efficiency - Surrey-i.xlsx (11.56 MB)

% in Fuel Poverty 2020 (expected next data release: May 2023).

% Connected to Gas Network 2020 (expected next data release: TBC).

Average Gas/Electric Energy Use 2020 (expected next data release: TBC).

Energy Efficiency of Domestic Buildings* 2017-2021 (expected next data release: May 2023).