This page includes explorable data and a summary of the ONS population projections from 2018 to 2043.

Data included: 2018 to 2043 (population & household levels). Surrey, LAs.

Surrey-I also includes summaries and data about population estimates, population density, and estimates for migration.


 There were 1,196,236 residents of Surrey in 2020 and this is predicted to increase by 2.6 per cent to 1,227,467 in 2043.

The age profile of Surrey residents is predicted to shift as Surrey has an aging population. Surrey is predicted to have declining numbers of residents aged 35 to 54 by 2043 alongside growing over 60s. Children under the age of 15 are also predicted to decline in numbers by 2043 in Surrey. However, it is predicted that there will be increased numbers of males aged 25 to 34 in Surrey by 2043.

An interactive version of the figure below is available here and presents the predicted age profiles for each of the local authorities in Surrey for every year until 2043. 

The projected population of Surrey, 2018 to 2043

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