This page includes the Surrey-specific data from the national 2021 Census release which has been prepared by the SCC Population Insight team. A summary of the second address data for Surrey residents has also been produced and is available on Surrey-i.

In addition to reporting their primary address, Census 2021 also asked respondents to report whether they stay at another address for more than 30 days a year. If they answered yes, they were then asked the purpose of the second address, and whether it is within or outside the UK.

Please note that there are likely to be differences due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic - e.g. fewer students would have been staying at a term-time address than would otherwise have been expected.

An address (in or out of the UK) a person stays at for more than 30 days per year that is not their place of usual residence.

Second addresses typically include:

  • armed forces bases
  • addresses used by people working away from home
  • a student’s home address
  • the address of another parent or guardian
  • a partner’s address
  • a holiday home

If a person with a second address was staying there on census night, they were classed as a visitor to the second address but counted as a usual resident at their home address.


People with second addresses, England and Wales - Office for National Statistics (

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