This page includes a dashboard summary of pensioners in poverty (on Pension Credit) across Surrey geographies and the downloadable data. The dashboard was created by the Population Insight Team at Surrey County Council to provide a Surrey-level summary and the ability for you to select your desired area (District and Borough, Ward, or LSOA) for a more focused summary.

This Tableau dashboard is also available on Tableau Public.

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Pension Credit gives those of State Pension pension age extra money to help with their living costs if they're on a low income. Pension Credit can also help with housing costs such as ground rent or service charges. Persons may receive extra help if they're a carer, severely disabled, or responsible for a child or young person. Pension Credit is separate from State Pension. Recipients can get Pension Credit even if they have other income, savings or their own home.

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Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
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