This page includes a dashboard which summarises various statistics such as children in low income families, households on Universal Credit with children, and Free School Meal eligibility in Surrey. This dashboard was created by the Population Insight Team at Surrey County Council to provide a Surrey-level summary and the ability for you to select your desired area (District and Borough, Ward, or LSOA) for a more focused summary.

This Tableau dashboard is also available on Tableau Public.

If this dashboard does not fit your needs, let us know via and we will see if we can help you.

A summary of low income and unemployment in Surrey which is not focused on children can be found on Surrey-i here.

A summary of pensioners in poverty in Surrey can be found on Surrey-i here.

A summary on fuel poverty in Surrey can be found on Surrey-i here.

UK Open Government Licence
Last Update
3 months ago  
Frequency of data
Children in absolute low income (annual), Universal Credit (quarterly), FSM (annual)
Level(s) of geography
England, South East, Surrey-wide, Districts & Boroughs, Wards, LSOAs
Data source(s)
Various Sources
Type of information
Data summary