Surrey-specific data from the 2021 Census, as prepared by the Population Insight team. A summary of the household deprivation estimates for Surrey from the 2021 Census is also available on Surrey-i. This page includes the Surrey-specific data from the national 2021 Census release which has been prepared by the SCC Population Insight team.

'Households in England and Wales were also classified in terms of dimensions of deprivation, based on selected household characteristics. Specifically, households were considered to be deprived if they met one or more of the following four dimensions of deprivation:

  • employment: where any member of a household, who is not a full-time student, is either unemployed or long-term sick
  • education: no person in the household has at least five or more GCSE passes (grade A* to C or grade 4 and above) or equivalent qualifications, and no person aged 16 to 18 years is a full-time student
  • health and disability: any person in the household has general health that is “bad” or “very bad” or is identified as disabled
  • housing: the household’s accommodation is either overcrowded, with an occupancy rating of negative 1 or less (implying that it has one fewer room or bedroom required for the number of occupants), or is in a shared dwelling, or has no central heating'


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